COVID-19 Notice

In mid-March 2020 we began offering curbside service in an attempt to protect both our clients and our staff from the spread of Covid-19. During these past months we have worked to serve our patients and clients, and into the unforeseeable future we will continue to do our best to provide quality veterinary care while minimizing the risk of exposure to Coronavirus when coming to Sebring Animal Hospital. Please understand that we are still limiting clients from entering our facility, however there are some exceptions being made, such as being present when a beloved pet is being euthanized. As in preceding months, providing “Curb-side Care” as follows has become the new normal.

  • Please call in advance to schedule an appointment date and time.
  • Upon arrival, locate the parking space number and call us at 863-385-6147. You will be asked for the parking space and a technician or receptionist will come out to you shortly.
  • Clients are asked to have their dogs on a secure leash and cats in carriers.
  • Pets will be brought inside. Clients are to remain outside while our doctors and staff examine their pet. In special circumstances, clients will be allowed to come in with their pet.
  • Clients will be called to discuss their pet’s needs or concerns and to answer any questions they might have.
  • Their pet will be brought back out to them and on many occasions the attending doctor will come out to talk with them at the conclusion of their visit.
  • Payments can be taken by phone at the end of the visit or our staff can assist with other options, such as taking your payment in person and providing you with a receipt.

Once again, we encourage our clients to phone in orders for pet food, supplies and medications that have been pre-approved. When picking up these orders, you are welcome to pay by phone and a staff person will gladly bring it out to you.

Please understand that it takes longer to evaluate each pet and fully communicate with clients under our current circumstances. Also understand that we are continuing to have staff shortages and we are trying our best to take care of each client’s needs, so please be patient with us.

As we continue to make veterinary care for our clients and patients our highest priority, please know that there are many local options for boarding and grooming to choose from. In the coming months we hope to reopen our reception and waiting areas and anticipate limiting our seating capacity in order to allow people to comfortably be socially distanced.